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Precision Treatment for Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers Sees Advances With New Genetic Discoveries

Hospital, oncology, and pulmonology leaders will benefit from following the research that builds on this innovative study and the treatments that may emerge.

Common Diuretic Emerges as Potential Precision Medicine Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

New research shows the promise of repurposing existing drugs for new precision medicine treatments.

Year in Review: Top Precision Medicine Technologies of 2021

From personalized 3D printed medications to gene-adjusted radiation dosing, here are five advances that significantly improved hospitals’ ability to provide personalized care and improve patient outcomes.

Machine Learning Identifies What Cancer Mutations Matter Most to Precision Medicine Success

Researchers questioned what distinguishes mutations in terms of clinical relevance, the goal to identify genes responsible for the spread of cancer cells.

Precision Medicine in 2021 Went Beyond the Genes: The Three Most Notable Advancements

Innovative hospital leaders following precision medicine developments will benefit from understanding how precision medicine is developing beyond genetics.

Thanks To $5M Grant, Geisinger Hopes New Precision Medicine Tool Will Expedite Diagnoses

Geisinger researchers will develop a tool that shortens the time for diagnosing common diseases that have a genetic cause, allowing hospitals to respond more quickly to these conditions.

Futuristic, Cyclotron-Equipped Radiopharmacy Provides Michigan State University Patients with New Precision Medicine Cancer Treatments

Billionaire funds particle accelerator technology that saved his life, enabling Michigan State University to provide precision medicine radiopharmaceutical treatments.

Early Intervention Programs Gain Momentum in Kidney Care

University of Michigan Health System researchers and others are working for a fundamental change in kidney disease health economics and outcomes.

NIH Earmarks $73 Million to Keep Precision Medicine Research at Hospitals’ Fingertips

In good news for hospitals that use information from the Clinical Genome Resource Consortium, federal grants allow the consortium’s contributors to keep curating important precision medicine research.

Sequencing Screening Method Investigated for Childhood Cancer Precision Medicine Treatments

A key insight of this study is how comprehensive genomic sequencing (CGS) provided a detailed perspective of the genetic makeup of each patient’s tumor.