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Precision Medicine May Have a New Lung Cancer Treatment That Can Be Staged With an EGFR Test as a Companion Diagnostic

Yale researchers find that an AstraZeneca cancer pill improves survival rates when taken after lung cancer surgery.

Machine Learning Algorithm May Work Better As An Ensemble for Ovarian Cancer Precision Medicine

Georgia Tech researchers applied a different approach to their machine learning algorithm to predict what medications would best treat different ovarian cancers.

International Research Group Outlines Framework for Developing Digital Twin of the Human Immune System

An immune system digital twin supporting precision medicine is still rather far from prime time; however, existing research may be sufficient to begin developing an initial prototype.

Sound Wave Therapy for Tumors Tested in Liver Cancer

Healthcare leaders will want to follow the nascent field of sound wave therapy as more research and the findings of clinical trials emerge.

Liquid Biopsy Research, Collaborations, Advancements Continue Forward March for Oncology Precision Medicine in 2022

Precision Medicine Institute’s noted of liquid biopsy research, collaborations, and advancements as 2022 approaches year-end.

Metabolomics Research Brings Precision Medicine Approaches in Testing and Treatment for Severe Asthma

From discovery of a new type of asthma driver to assessing personalized risk with using inhaled corticosteroids, metabolomics research brings new information about severe asthma.

New Single-Cell Analysis Technology Could Minimize Equipment Requirements, Lower Processing Costs, and Improve Precision Medicine Testing Workflow

To streamline workflow and reduce cost of testing, researchers at Brown University and Columbia University explore new single-cell analysis (SCA) technology and techniques in fresh and frozen tissues.

Precision Medicine Ulcerative Colitis Studies Assess Gene Expression, Prediction, and Better Understanding of Biological Pathways

One study illuminates the genes that may prove useful in predicting how ulcerative colitis will progress in children and teens; the other investigates poorly understood disease-relevant biological pathways.

Taking Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Beyond the Public Health Emergency for Personalized Medicine Programs

Projects at Community Health Systems and other health networks likely will produce evidence that will enhance precision medicine programs.

Major Policy Event in United Kingdom Aligns National Genetic Screening Program Using Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing

Rapidly identifying rare genetic conditions has been difficult using traditional testing, according to experts implementing rWGS at a national scale.