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Newly Introduced Bipartisan Bill Would Increase Public Awareness of Benefits of Pharmacogenetic Treatments

With a focus on pharmacogenomics testing, proposed legislation would boost public demand for precision medicine treatments and build better electronic infrastructure to support precision medicine.

Personalized Medication 3D-Printing Technology May Soon Enable Hospitals, Pharmacies to Provide Drug Compounding On-Demand

A new partnership between two innovative companies is focused on making 3D-printed, personalized medications.

Community-Led Genetic Testing Approach for Chronic Kidney Disease Could Reduce Disparities in Precision Medicine, Mount Sinai Researchers Find

Using this chronic kidney disease (CKD) precision medicine framework may improve participation in genetic testing to personalize health interventions.

New Precision Medicine Discovery from Johns Hopkins Medicine Offers Potential Treatment Window for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

New research from Johns Hopkins Medicine may offer a potential treatment for some patients with ALS during a specific timeframe in the disease.

Hospitals Offering Genetic Testing May Consider Replacing Genetic Counseling With Educational Videos

The majority of patients who chose to use the pretest educational video over meeting in person with a genetic counselor provided several reasons for doing so.

Grant for Precision Medicine Study Looks at How Microbiomes Affect Parkinson’s Disease Risk

Using a gut-to-brain disease-seeding process, the researchers seek to learn more about Parkinson’s disease-linked fibrils that form in nerve cells in the intestines.

Construction Begins on $78 Million Precision Medicine Center in Alabama for Personalized Healthcare

State governor says UAB’s precision medicine center will ‘stimulate major strides in science and medicine and serve as a wise investment with a great return.’

Blue Care Network of Michigan to Launch Pharmacogenomic Personalized Medicine Program

The adoption of a precision medicine program by such a large insurer is expected to significantly expand the availability of precision medicine options within the state.

University of California Irvine Launches Institute for Precision Health, Signaling Increased Academic Emphasis on Precision Medicine

University of California, Irvine launches Institute for Precision Health, signaling increased academic emphasis on precision medicine.

MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital Researchers Are Developing Machine Learning Algorithms to Provide Physicians and Patients with Early Recognition of Mental Health Changes

Person-generated wearable device data may be usefu in precision medicine for the purpose of early intervention and personalized treatment of major depression.