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Cover image for white paper titled Setting the Foundations for Best-in-Class Precision Medicine Program

Setting the Foundation for a Best-in-Class Precision Medicine Program: Four Steps to Guide Hospital and Health System Leaders

For leaders of the nation’s hospitals and health systems, the era of precision medicine is poised to change healthcare in the most fundamental ways. Hospitals and health systems already delivering the first generation of precision medicine services to their patients are harvesting substantial benefits. To help you develop a best-in-class precision medicine program for your hospital or health system, the Precision Medicine Institute offers you this exclusive white paper, free of charge.

State of the Genetic Testing Marketplace–Getting Paid for All Your Lab’s Genetic Test Claims: What’s Changing, What’s Not, and What’s Working Best Webinar

Getting Paid for Genetic Test Claims: toolkit for hospital labs

Educate your entire team and lay the groundwork for improving your genetic test claims reimbursement. An expert panel from Concert Genetics, XIFIN, and Bruce Quinn Associates, LLC, share best practices and approaches to increase net collected revenue and significantly reduce denials.