Precision Medicine Institute
Symposium 2019
Strategies for innovators pursuing excellence in clinical care

Held May 2-3, 2019
Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans, LA

CEOs and administrators at the nation’s leading health networks and hospitals recognize this truth: precision medicine is poised to transform clinical care in ways that experts say will be highly disruptive to health networks, particularly those that are slow to respond to this
important trend.

That makes it imperative for CEOs and senior administrators at health networks everywhere to get answers to these two questions:
1) How is precision medicine now changing clinical care today, including specific programs already used by networks and physicians to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and open the door to new sources
of revenue?

2) What precision medicine strategy is best for my health network and its hospitals?

Attendees found answers to both questions at our Precision Medicine Institute Symposium 2019, which took place Thursday and Friday, May 2-3 at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

During this intensive 1 1/2 day conference, the nation’s first movers and early adopters discussed their first programs to infuse precision medicine into specific areas of clinical care. On topics ranging from spectacular success in oncology and cancer care, offering patients access to pharmacogenetic testing in primary care settings, and more, there were sessions and speakers with up-to-the minute insights integral to the development of the right precision medicine strategies for today’s health networks.

What our attendees are saying

I came here to hear from leaders in the field of precision medicine and precision health, to see what we can bring back to Chicago, one of the major things being how pathology can impact on precision health. My expectations have been exceeded, and I think I made a lot of good connections, met a lot of leaders.
Fred Behm, MD Head of PathologyUniversity of Illinois, Chicago

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