Precision Medicine Institute Summit #4

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2020 Date and Venue
To Be Announced Soon

Precision Medicine Summit for Hospital CEOs

Precision Medicine Institute Summit #1

Philadelphia, PA

Keynote Speaker
David T. Feinberg, MD

Precision Medicine Institute Summit #2

Nashville, TN

Keynote Speaker
Jeffrey R. Balser, MD, PhD

Precision Medicine Institute Summit #3

New Orleans, LA

Keynote Speaker
Huntington F. Willard, PhD

Through our partners, publications, and annual PMI Symposium, we provide
business and management intelligence for hospitals, health systems and
laboratories, as well as to those who work along the greater continuum of care.

White Papers

Cover image for white paper titled Setting the Foundations for Best-in-Class Precision Medicine Program

Setting the Foundation for a Best-in-Class Precision Medicine Program

For leaders of the nation's hospitals and health systems, the era of Precision Medicine is poised to change healthcare in the most fundamental ways. The promise of precision medicine is to give clinicians two powerful medical tools.
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Public Health vs. Precision Medicine: Is It Really an Either/Or Proposition?

Precision medicine is demonstrating its potential value in the face of a second wave of coronavirus outbreak
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How Precision Medicine Can Help Patients with Cancer During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Stratifying cancer patients switched from adjuvant chemotherapy to targeted treatments during the coronavirus pandemic
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Geisinger Demonstrates Importance of Increasing Uptake of Precision Medicine-Based Screening Approaches

Implications of using beneficial cardiovascular precision medicine-based screening approaches to raise awareness in at-risk populations
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