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January 25, 2022 | Noon EDT | Episode 19

Strategies to Ensure Health Plan Coverage of Emerging Diagnostic Technologies

Maude Champagne, Pharmacologist and Healthcare Value Expert, Illumina 

Key Learnings:

  1. Clinical utility demonstration requires thoughtful evidence generation plan
  2. Emerging genomic diagnostic applications may not fit the traditional framework for clinical utility evaluation
  3. Additional strategies may be available to accelerate or enable coverage

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Precision Medicine Institute live briefings - Anne Tate, MT (ASCP), SC, MBA, MHI

Anne Tate, MT (ASCP), SC, MBA, MHI, Anne has more than 25 years of experience in the laboratory management and healthcare consulting business. She is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of managing laboratory information. Anne is fueled by her passion for laboratory informatics and software tools that enable the laboratory to achieve operational excellence.

Precision Medicine Institute live briefings - Deb Hewett-Smith

Deb Hewett-Smith is a strategic and innovative leader with proven success in driving results and empowering teams in the highly competitive healthcare IT and medical device industry sectors. With more than 25 years of experience, Deb is effective at building programs that connect the dots between customer value and business growth/retention.

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The Value of Precision Medicine: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

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Molecular Tumor Boards to Help Solve the Precision Medicine ‘Final Mile’ Problem

Howard McLeod, PharmD
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Geriatric Oncology Consortium

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Precision Oncology in Community Practice: An Evolving Landscape

Pranil Chandra, DO, FCAP, FASCP
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Advisor, Precision Medicine Institute

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So, You Want to Bill for NGS Testing? 5 Steps to Avoid Potential Pitfalls

Ann Lambrix
Vice President of RCM Consulting
Vachette Pathology

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Courtney Tito _Circle Speaker
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Regulatory and Reimbursement Considerations for Precision Medicine

Emily Johnson, Member, McDonald Hopkins
Courtney Tito, Member, McDonald Hopkins

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The Intersection of Population Health and Precision Medicine: Joining Forces to Improve Public Health Using Targeted Interventions

David Nash, MD, MBA
Founding Dean Emeritus
Dr. Raymond C. & Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy at Jefferson College of Population Health

Recorded November 9, 2021 | Episode 11

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Precision Medicine

John Quackenbush, PhD, Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Harvard
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Integrating Personalized Medicine into Healthcare: Advancing From Promise to Reality for More Patients

Elissa Quinn, Precision Medicine Advocacy, Policy & Partnerships at Blueprint Medicines

San Diego, CA, Aug. 21, 2017-- Dr. Stephen Kingsmore.  Photo by Earnie Grafton.
Recorded November 23, 2021 | Episode 13

Precision Medicine for Inpatient Children

Stephen F. Kingsmore, MD, DSc, President and CEO of Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine

KA Headshot (1)
Recorded November 30, 2021 | Episode 14

Understanding the Clinical and Financial Impact of Unmanaged
Pharmacogenomic Risk

Kristine Ashcraft, Medical Affairs Director, Pharmacogenomics, Invitae

Recorded December 7, 2021 | Episode 15

Developing a Strategy for Next Generation Sequencing Reimbursement - Understanding the Barriers and Path to Consistent Revenue Growth

Robert Dumanois, Director of Reimbursement Strategy, Clinical Sequencing Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jessie Conta Small
Recorded December 14, 2021 | Episode 16

Medical Necessity Apocalypse: Aligning patients, laboratories and payers to prevent financial toxicity and improve reimbursement

Michael Astion, MD, Medical Director and Jessie Conta, genetic counselor and Laboratory Stewardship Program Manager, Department of Laboratories, Seattle Children’s Hospital