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New Interpretation and Reporting Tools Developing from Curated Genomic Data

Two examples highlighting how decision-making tools are developing from curated genomic data to improve clinical implementation of precision medicine.

Deadly Pancreatic Tumors Can Now Be Detected Earlier, New Precision Medicine Research Shows

Where AI and molecular testing are showing new methods of detecting pancreatic cancers before they become more advanced.

Voice-Based Diagnostics Offers Potential Precision Medicine Advances as NIH Invests in Speech-Based Technologies

Research team identifies five disease cohort categories for which voice changes have been associated with specific diseases with well-recognized unmet needs.

Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Application of Precision Medicine for Incurable Neurological Diseases

Watching a new set of genes for ALS treatment connections, using remote sleep monitoring for detecting Parkinson’s breathing patterns, plus a major investment.

California to Become Sixth State to Cover Cancer Biomarker Testing, But Precision Medicine Screenings Are Not Included

More states are focusing on cancer biomarker testing for payer coverage requirements.

Precision Medicine and Microbiomics Are Related, New Research Finds Genetics Affects Bacteria in the Gut

New microbiome study shows that genes impact what types of bacteria are present in the intestines, creating new implications for neurological and emotional health.

Liquid Biopsy Enables Detection and Treatment of Liver Cancer While It Can Still Be Cured

Recent research into liquid biopsies has resulted in a new blood test that can detect liver cancer while it is still in an early stage.

Precision Cardiac Screenings Offer New Opportunities to Identify At-Risk Patients and Target Care

Diagnostic yield in larger gene panel testing, ambitious goals for gene editing, and gauging demand for genetic testing in the community.

Recent Advancements in Medical Wearables Will Impact the Future of Precision Medicine

Several recent advances in wearable technologies may mean that healthcare leaders are getting closer to seeing wearables as a core part of precision medicine.

Update on Pediatric Medicine Trend in Rapid Diagnostics

After a multimillion-dollar investment of public funding for early implementation of rapid whole genome sequencing (rWGS), those at the forefront release progress.