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Weill Cornell Medicine Develops Precision Medicine Technology Specifically Designed for Screening Citizens of Qatar

This precision medicine development involves use of a specialized chip which provides genetic screening for heritable diseases in an area with unique population traits.

Precision Medicine May Help 50-Year-Old Cancer Drug Bring More Accurate Treatment, New Research Shows

Hospitals and oncology groups may be able to apply modern precision medicine principles to a 50-year-old cancer drug, increasing the drug’s effectiveness for breast cancer patients.

University of Florida Scientists Use Genetics to Develop Precision Medicine Score for Children’s Leukemia Treatments

Method genetically defines patients who would benefit from intensifying the chemotherapy, adding a new drug, or having chemotherapy reduced to avoid toxicity.

UMass Medical School Pilot Study Shows Modified Nucleotide Therapy Can Suppress Gene That Causes Lou Gehrig’s Disease

“While other teams have documented that this gene can be suppressed in cells in culture, this is the first time this type of antisense oligonucleotide treatment for C9ORF72 ALS has been demonstrated in a person with ALS.”

Advances in Understanding the Genetic Basis of Schizophrenia May Lead to Personalized Psychiatric Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Emerging research that explores “intolerant” genes, the “dark genome,” and the value of doctors’ notes compared to genetic testing in diagnosing schizophrenia.

Precision Medicine Testing Executives Face Federal Jail Time After Violating Anti-Kickback Laws for Pharmacogenetic Testing

Illegal financial underpinnings brought charges in a large conspiracy involving iIllicit payment schemes for certain kinds of precision medicine testing.

Stanford Researchers Develop Precision Medicine Method for Guiding Tuberculosis Drug Dosages

Stanford Medicine researchers have developed a precision medicine method for determining personalized doses of a drug used to treat tuberculosis.

Former FDA Head Scott Gottlieb to Headline Upcoming Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnostics Conference

Gottlieb will speak at two sessions during the AIHD Conference, which takes place May 10-11 in San Jose. Expect his focus to be on the state of AI in healthcare.

Cornell Researchers Have Discovered Precision Medicine Treatment That Overcomes Chemotherapy-Resistant Gastric Cancer

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine believe they have discovered the variant protein that causes taxane-resistant cancer cells to develop.

New Organoid Technology May Offer Hospitals Improved Precision Medicine Treatments for Prostate Cancer

By using organoids, “we can show that for a particular patient subset, for a particular drug, we can do better than the current selection criteria,” stated Else Driehuis, PhD.