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NIH Launches New Program to Enable Precision Medicine Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

A new program explores the possibility of treating Alzheimer’s disease using precision medicine. What is Accelerating Medicines Partnership Alzheimer’s disease program (AMP AD 2.0), and where is research advancing?

Precision Medicine Offers Hospital Administrators a Way to Address Racial Disparities in Cancer Treatments

Insights into a recently published comprehensive review in Cancer Reports. The review, featuring Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai researchers, discusses the implications of using precision medicine to treat prostate cancer in different populations, particularly African American men.

New Research from Johns Hopkins Will Promote Hospitals’ Ability to Utilize Precision Medicine

This research provides new findings on how the scope of genetic testing programs should be expanded, answers what is Watershed.

Precision Medicine Research Providing Potential for COVID-19 Breakthroughs

Oportunities for precision medicine partnerships. With COVID-19, precision medicine focuses on better understanding of how and why the coronavirus affects different individuals in different ways. This in turn indicates types of treatments that can be targeted toward biological pathways that vary between individuals.

Hospital Administrators Will Need to Understand How the Chronobiome Could Impact Precision Medicine

Recent research into the human chronobiome has shown that the “normal” circadian rhythm can vary significantly in healthy individuals. This means that chronotherapies which are based on an average individual’s circadian rhythm may not be as efficacious for everyone.

Using NGS to Work STAT Hematologic Testing into the Lab Workflow

Next generation sequencing can play a role by consolidating testing to a single platform, a potential game changer for community and regional hospitals.

Public Health vs. Precision Medicine: Is It Really an Either/Or Proposition?

As more precision medicine approaches are coming into practice, in some cases kickstarted by the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital and health system leaders are best advised to not pick sides in the one-size-fits-all versus tailor-made debate.

How Precision Medicine Can Help Patients with Cancer During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Stratifying cancer patients switched from adjuvant chemotherapy to targeted treatments during the coronavirus pandemic

Geisinger Demonstrates Importance of Increasing Uptake of Precision Medicine-Based Screening Approaches

Implications of using beneficial cardiovascular precision medicine-based screening approaches to raise awareness in at-risk populations

How Precision Health and Genomics Might Help Hospitals Respond to Future COVID-19 Outbreaks

Understand the affiliations and implications of the CDC’s new SPHERES initiative for rapid SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing.