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Growing Genomic Database of 100,000 Whole Genome Sequence Now Available Through NIH Research Program

As the first dataset to come out of the All of Us Research Program, this development will significantly expand availability of genetic data to researchers.

AI Voice Analysis Can Predict an Individual’s Risk of Having a Heart Attack, Mayo Clinic Finds

Mayo Clinic research shows risk of clogged arteries in the heart can be determined using an artificial intelligence analysis of a patient’s voice.

Scientists Build Miniature Beating Heart on a Chip That Can Be Used to Develop Personalized Medication and Treatments

Boston University researchers build a model beating heart that may be the key to accelerating precision medicine advances in cardiology.

Bedside Pharmacogenomic Test Prevents Deafness in Newborns by Detecting Genetic Risk for Abnormal Response to Common Antibiotic

New rapid pharmacogenomic point-of-care genetic test for preventing deafness in babies begins clinical use.

Could Gut Microbiome Hold Key to Reversing Aging? Fecal Transplant Researchers Say ‘Yes?’

Research conducted at the University of East Anglia in England finds transferring feces from young mice to old mice reverses symptoms of aging.

Majority of Pharmacists Unprepared to Provide Pharmacogenetic Treatments, New Survey Shows

Raises questions about what education and training is necessary for community, hospital, and health system pharmacists and other clinicians supporting pharmacogenomics.

New Precision Medicine Discoveries Specific to Arab Populations

This research effort not only writes a new narrative journey of a population but adds diversity to the genomic knowledge dataset that will be used to shape precision medicine.

Personalized Pharmacogenomic Treatments Offer Improved Outcomes for Major Depression, Study Shows

Why researchers say this study’s findings should be considered by health policy decision makers who are planning for pharmacogenomics in psychiatry.

New York Times Report Leads to FDA Warning About Genetic Prenatal Screening Test False Positives

Certain non-invasive prenatal screening tests are leading to pregnancy-related decisions based on incorrect results, FDA confirms.

Arizona Passes Legislation to Expand Precision Medicine Coverage

New Arizona law is part of a broader trend of legislation improving access to precision medicine, offering new opportunities for healthcare organizations.