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ACP Makes Four Key Statements in Position Paper on Precision Medicine as DOJ Announces First Prosecutions for Fraudulent Cardiovascular Genetic Testing

American College of Physicians (ACP) offers guidance on genetic testing. DOJ announces first prosecutions for fraudulent cardiovascular genetic testing.

MIT Researchers Say They Have Defined the Function of Every Gene in the Human Genome

In time, these developments may drive innovations in clinical laboratory diagnostics and precision medicine treatments.

Using Precision Medicine to Treat Obesity Advances With Recent FDA Approval

With an obesity focus, new FDA approval signals the market for companion diagnostics appears to be expanding beyond targeted therapies for oncology.

VA Study Shows That Pharmacogenomic Testing Improves Outcomes With Depression Treatments

By predicting how medications would be metabolized, clinicians were able to avoid medicines that had a high likelihood of causing negative side effects.

What Australian Researchers Found When They Measured Certain Enzyme Levels in SIDS

Lead researcher says discovery changes the narrative around SIDS and may be the first evidence that babies who succumb to SIDS are different from birth.

Kidney Organoids Are Creating New Ways to Treat Chronic Kidney Problems

Recent studies use miniature lab-created kidneys for answers to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).

Practical Use of Precision Medicine Becomes More Feasible With Interface of Genomic Information into the EHR

New platforms are emerging that bridge the gap between the science of genomics and making the data useful at the point of care.

Cambridge University Scientists Unveil New Organ-Specific Mutational Signature Analysis Data

Insights gleaned from recent whole genome analysis in England add to knowledge of common versus rare signatures, revealing 58 new mutational patterns.

New Precision Medicine Test Aims to Identify People at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

For those with inherited heart disorders, the researchers were able to identify which ion channel gene variants are cause for concern in sudden cardiac arrest.

Four Areas of Progress Noted in Massive Human Cell Atlas Project

Openly available, the atlases allow researchers to compare specific cell types across the body in fine detail, revealing novel cell functions and more.