New Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnostics Conference Debuts in May

AI event will bring together the health system and high-tech worlds

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in healthcare and biotech, whether it’s to assist in precision medicine for oncology, improve drug discovery efforts, or analyze clinical data as part of value-based care.

Important influencers in this trend are the health system and biotech executives who put their muscle and funding behind AI tools that aid in day-to-day clinical decisions about patient care. Equally important is the roster of AI developers and technology companies creating the algorithms and programming that drive artificial intelligence.

Bringing those two worlds closer together in an intimate setting serves as the inspiration for a new event in spring 2022: the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnostics Conference.

As part of the buildup to the conference, watch for more AI-themed content on this site.

Event Occurs May 10-11 in San Jose

Brought to you by the Precision Medicine Institute, the inaugural gathering takes place May 10-11 at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, Calif. The mansion’s grounds will allow guests to comfortably network with each other and start important discussions beyond the typical confines of an impersonal convention center bustling with thousands of people.

Key topics in artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and diagnostics, Conference, Precision Medicine Institute, May 10-11, 2022, at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, Calif.
Hayes Mansion (above) in San Jose, Calif., will host the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnostics Conference, which takes place May 10-11. (Photo: Hayes Mansion)

Conference organizers continue to fine-tune the agenda, but attendees can expect to learn about the following key topics in AI and healthcare:

  • How AI tools can improve patient care
  • Ways AI adds value to an organization
  • Drug targeting and discovery
  • Using AI in diagnostics and medical error reduction
  • AI-based predictive modeling
  • Precision medicine advances
  • Automating processes and operations
  • Improving precision medicine through AI
  • Analyzing clinical and biotech data more easily

AI May Contribute to $150 Billion in Reduced Healthcare Spending

The cost benefits of AI will also be explored during the conference given the many aspects in this area to consider.

“It is estimated that AI applications can cut annual U.S. healthcare costs by USD $150 billion in 2026,” according to an excerpt of the 2020 book, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. The excerpt was published on the federal National Center for Biotechnology Information website.

“A large part of these cost reductions stem from changing the healthcare model from a reactive to a proactive approach, focusing on health management rather than disease treatment,” the excerpt continued. “This is expected to result in fewer hospitalizations, less doctor visits, and less treatments. AI-based technology will have an important role in helping people stay healthy via continuous monitoring and coaching and will ensure earlier diagnosis, tailored treatments, and more efficient follow-ups.”

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—Scott Wallask

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