Precision medicine is becoming real. It's no longer something for an egghead institution to dabble in. It can be used as a strategic advantage in terms of delivering efficient care, competing with other health systems, ways of making sure that patients are having as much risk mitigated as possible. It's an ideal opportunity to really fine-tune a health system.

<This conference is> a really engaged audience and the type you don't normally get to speak with. Having leadership at health systems, at health companies, at other types of health enterprises, you have a different type of thinking. The networking is strong.

 — Howard McCloud, MD, Medical Director, Personalized Medicine, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL


I came here to hear from leaders in the field of precision medicine and precision health, to see what we can bring back to Chicago, one of the major things being how pathology can impact on precision health.

My expectations have been exceeded, and I think I made a lot of good connections, met a lot of leaders.

Fred Behm, MD, Head of Pathology, University of Illinois, Chicago


My company is very interested in molecular pathology with regards to laboratory benefits management, and precision medicine being on the cusp of acceptance everywhere, it's something we really need to understand.

The content was absolutely fabulous. I would describe it as overwhelmingly educational, and I would highly, highly recommend the conference to colleagues in the future.

Amy Zitiello, DO, President and Medical Director, Avalon Healthcare Solutions


This is a time where we're seeing all of the science that's been developed over the past 20 years actually begin to come into practice and have some utility. And a really exciting time to start to see it move into a direction where we're going to be able to make a difference in patient outcomes.

<The conference showcased> leaders in the area really talking about wins in the area, challenges in the area, about coming to the table and figuring out how we can all work together—payers, providers, health care delivery systems, how do we support the patient?

— Kristine Bordenave, MD, Corporate Medical Director, Humana


We feel it's important to listen to what our customers discuss, what their problems are, what the issues are today and tomorrow. <At this conference> there are a lot of CEOs of hospitals and hospital systems, which are, of course, our largest customers. I have direct access to them.

Sunquest will certainly come back, and I can highly recommend this event.

Bob Burma, Sales Executive, Sunquest Information Systems