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Preparing Health Network CEOs for Success with Precision Medicine: Early-Adopter Health Systems to Gather
in Nashville September 12-13 to Share Advances in Oncology, Pharmacogenomics, Big Data

Dana-Farber’s John Quackenbush on how to fix our “messy data” problem

The Real Limitations of Big Data

Precision medicine 2.0

Healthcare is swimming in data, but what to do with it?

EHRs are holding troves of genomic data, too bad it’s not always easily usable

Pharmacogenomics enables health care providers to tailor treatment based on genetics

Optimizing women’s health and well-being throughout their lifespan by integrating sex and gender concepts into clinical care, research and education.

Will gathering vast troves of information really lead to better health?

Is Your Medication Helping or Hurting? DNA Tests May Be a Guide

Dark Daily: Precision Medicine Requires Targeted Cancer Therapies, but Payers Reluctant to Pay for Some Genetic Testing Needed to Match a Patient with Right Drug

Dark Daily: Targeted Cancer Therapies Bring New Precision Medicine Tools to Anatomic Pathologists and Clinical Laboratories

Dark Daily: Ever more physicians are including elements of precision medicine in their practice, making it imperative that every clinical laboratory and pathology group have a strategy for how it will serve precision medicine




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